Hello! Let's be wonderful together.....


The work bit: There is extraordinary in every single person, and it’s my job to get that from the people and the projects that I manage. I want to change the way things are done. I want to bring fresh thinking and creative, innovative ideas to individuals, companies and brands. I work with brave, bold, exciting people and dynamic, interesting, forward thinking companies. I have big, brilliant ideas, I can handle myself, I work hard and I'm a disgustingly organised. I can also run really far, and will say ‘yes’ to pretty much any adventure you throw at me.  I want to use my powers for good and work with great people to make a difference. I am an expert in not only traditional and digital marketing, project management and events, but also conflict control, inspirational content, mentoring and communication. I would probably work well in a prison. Creativity, innovation, strategy and implementation are second nature to me. I also like thinking about what type of human voice dogs would have when I see them on the street. I specialise in music, fitness, endurance running and brands, but also have soft spot for charities, the environment, and great white sharks, so any projects involving those can, and will, be considered. Projects involving them all will involve a party.
The personality bit: Way more fun in real life, with a lot to say. I put most of it on my blog.

What I do 

I am a freelance marketer and project manager, specialising in music, fitness, endurance running and brands. It's a mixed bag, but it works. I like to work with nice people, I like to work with creative people and I like to work with talented people.  I have helped sell millions of records, made some glorious music videos, managed some ridiculous bands and run a lot of epic races. The last 18 months have seen me getting more and more involved with the running side of things, which is good because that’s what I love!


Now is a really exciting time, and things are changing rapidly.  The people running the industry however, are not. It's time to look at everything from a different angle and it's time to be honest with managers, bands and brands, and create, innovate and inspire to make things work faster, better and stronger.  I specialise in marketing, copywriting, strategy and events planning for independent and unsigned artists. I choose who I work with carefully. I have to love what I do.

endurance RUNNING

Trumpet blowing time! Apologies in advance. I've run over 70 races, from half marathons to 185 mile ultras, and my race sheet for 2019 is looking pretty interesting. In 2018 I completed my second sub 24 hour 100 mile ultra, set a new course record for the BRC Thames Path 184 mile race as only female finisher, and came first female in the Ox Epic 85 mile multi day. In January 2018 I became the first woman to cross the largest body of freshwater in the world on foot, taking part in a 100 mile multi-stage event on Lake Khovsgol in Mongolia. In November 2018 my adventures take me to Namibia and Panama where I will attempt to cross 300km of the Namib Desert, and traverse 200km of Panama from Pacific to Atlantic coast, completely on foot. I train people to run marathon and ultra distance in the most fun way ever. I have hosted talks and panels on endurance running and mental health for companies like Sony Music, Mind, Cancer Research, Dow Jones and IBM. I am an Ambassador for Rat Race Adventures, White Star Running and The National Running Show. I co-present the Bad Boy Running Podcast and I like cheese sandwiches. 

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”
— David Bowie

What I'VE Achieved

12 years experience in marketing at frontline labels including Atlantic, Cooking Vinyl, Distiller and Columbia Records 

Chart topping success with multiple number 1 albums and singles and record sales in their millions.

Broken Brit Award winning acts and resurrected the careers of heritage artists scoring top 10 albums and selling out arena shows. 

Award winning, ground breaking campaigns for, amongst others,  Kasabian, Madeon and Ed Sheeran.


I am an Ambassador for Rat Race Adventure Sports, White Star Running and The National Running Show.  

I'm a nice human being with a decent moral compass. Not a lot of people can say that. I can, however, bite.

I'm the co-presenter of the Bad Boy Running Podcast 

I run marathons and ultra marathons and help train and inspire people to do the same. I take part in talks and panels on female endurance, mental health and how to do running stuff.