“Allie is an amazing, raw, honest and engaging speaker. She is an incredibly inspiring person that has achieved unbelievable things, and is able to speak about them in a captivating way. Our audience loved her”

- Mike Seaman - Director, The National Running Show


I really like doing a talk

I have a slight problem with the word “inspirational” but (and I don’t want to sound like a twat here) it gets bandied about a lot when it comes to the talks I’ve done. I suppose that means I must be doing them right? My thing about talks is that there is a lot of BS spouted by people who stand up and yap about the power of running, endurance sport and their adventures and then try and sell you a book or some kind of weird diet or training scheme that will change your life. I am different. I believe that you should be completely honest. I believe that authenticity is key. I don’t have anything to sell, but I do have some stories to tell. I have wealth of real experience when it comes to running, mental health, and some pretty awesome, sometimes funny stories. Also I like wearing those head mics. They make me feel like Madonna.


I’ve been lucky enough to do talks for some amazing companies at some amazing events. I’ve visited Sony Music, IBM and Dow Jones to chat about how you don’t have to be a professional athlete (or even a man! shocker!) to run across a country. I’ve talked at Cancer Research events about fundraising and inspiring people to chuck their cash at you, and I have talked at length at the National Running Show about my story - how endurance running can both help and hinder your mental health, if you believe everything you read. In April, I flew to Bulgaria to talk about running frozen lakes, deserts and jungles at the Fitzultra Ultra Running Festival. My talks come from my experience, which is real, visceral and sometimes ridiculous. There is something amazing about doing a talk about how running can actually make you feel like a failure, and having people come up to you afterwards to thank you for inspiring them. So British! I completely love the idea that I can motivate people by being 100% me, and so that is what I try and do. I am not going to pretend I know everything, because I don’t. But I have spent a lot of time trotting around various corners of the world, thinking a lot about what does and doesn’t work within running psychology. There is no one size fits all. I spent a long time in a very high pressure industry, constantly trying to be happy. I got to breaking point and basically chucked in the towel to do the thing I love most. I had no plan and no fall back and I stopped trying to find happy. You can’t find happy. It’s in the now. Slowly, I have managed to build a world around me that allows me the freedom to run and do some good and chat a bit about it. This might not work for you, and it’s had it’s dark times, but it’s a true story. If you fancy a bit of an ‘inspirational’ (bleurgh) and informative talk about endurance running, mental health, realness, saying no, saying yes, deserts, jungles, lakes, being a lady creature in a male dominated world or if you want me to talk about all of these things, then get in touch here. Yay for talking!

‘Running can make you worse if you spend all your time comparing yourself to others’. Thank f*ck for ppl like @alliebailey speaking serious truth.
— @zenscara via twitter
It’s very rare you will find somebody that speaks so openly. Having people like this is the world will make a huge difference
— Ben Smith, 401 Challenge

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Testimonials and feedback (cringe)

Some people have said some nice things about me and I PROMISE I didn’t pay any of them.

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White Star has known Allie for a while now. She’s a runner’s runner. She’s an inspirational champion for female participation in running. If she can do stuff that you wouldn’t ordinarily think’s possible, then so can you.
— Andy Palmer - Race Director, White Star Running