Introducing Mongol 100 - By Any Means

I’m Allie. I like running. A lot.  In January I am going to be taking on my biggest challenge yet. In a world first, I am travelling to Mongolia to attempt to be the first female to cross the 100 mile Lake Khovsgol in Mongolia on foot. This epic journey which has never been done before and will see a small team of seven run across the largest body of freshwater in the world, in temperatures below -40. I will be the only female on the team. This trip has been conceived by Rat Race Adventures and will act as a ‘test’. If we complete it successfully it will be marketed to the public as a race from 2019. 

The journey is staged over three days, with the team averaging 33 miles a day and sleeping on the ice at night . At the end of this adventure, we will celebrate the achievement at the traditional Burns Night supper in Ulan Bator as VIP guests of the Mongolian government.  That’s IF we finish…..

I started running 6 years ago to try and get a hold on my depression. It started with London Marathon in 2012 and since then has ‘escalated’ somewhat. In 2017 I completed 26 marathons and ultra marathons, taking my total to 40 overall. This year I got my first podium places, coming first lady at The Ox 50 in 9 hours and 30 mins, and taking the same title later in the year at  the 44 mile Cotswolds Ultra. I completed my first 100 mile race in 23 hours and 25 minutes, at the Autumn 100 - one of only a handful of women to finish in sub 24 hours. 2018 sees me up my challenges to include, amongst others, my second attempt at the 82 mile Jurassic Coast Challenge, another two 100 mile races in the UK and the Thames Path Ultra - covering 184 miles in 4 days. My chosen charity for next year’s fundraising will be Mind Hackney - a mental health service very close to my heart that provides help and support to people in the are that I live in.  

One of my aims is to show that you can overcome mental health issues and lead a fulfilled and glorious life through sport, adventure and living. Running helps me do that. I am passionate about empowering women through sport and getting more females into these endurance events, which are currently very male orientated. I want to show that women can succeed when faced with these extreme conditions. If my experience can help just one person get up and start the journey, then my job is done. I

This challenge is not for the faint hearted. It’s dangerous and very, very cold. The team comprises of 6 other ultra runners (all male) and our guide David. The idea to cross the lake is “by any means” (snow bike, skis or running). I will be running it - Ski’s are for cheats!  

I will be updating my training plans, test races and information about the gear I decide to use and of course the race on this blog to make sure you subscribe!